2014 in review


This year we hosted numerous teams, beginning the first week of January, nearly through the whole year. P1010301Some were with us for as long as three months, while others were with us for only a few days. We held numerous outreach events, such as evangelistic campaigns even including medical and aesthetic elements, holiday outreach, school evangelism, and several tribal trips.We, of course, continued the work of the ministry in the local church: teaching, preaching, and discipling. Perhaps one of the most exciting things last year was the opportunity to begin training one of our own tribal men for future full-time missions ministry.

We view mission teams and visits as a long term strategic move, for though they obviously require a great investment of time and resources, they sometimes result in new co-laborers, and they often result in more prayer warriors.
We have many goals that are long-term, such as: more co-laborers, reaching those who have never heard, and having a mature church body.
Others are hopefully more short-term, such as: Beginning a Bible Institute, strengthening our mens’, ladies’, youth, and childrens’ ministries, reaching souls for Christ, baptizing new believers, and establishing and strengthening our ties with the tribal groups in the Peruvian jungle.

Progress toward specific goals:
This year we began our Bible institute during the second semester season. We had hoped to have a first semester class as well, but of course, we were not there. We also began coordinating another big medical campaign with ORH, which should take place in July in our town and nearby communities.
The ministries for each group have been strengthened, especially in that many of our lay people are now leading different aspects of the various ministries.
All praise be to God that many people made decisions to repent and follow Christ this year. Some of those people have now been baptized.a381
We praise the Lord for those whom have made a commitment to come work with us: specifically the Cross family. There are others who are currently considering God’s plan for them.
One of our co-workers, Daniel Nunez, has been lead begin a new outreach through his house, which has now become a series of Bible studies. Lord-willing this will be a full fledged church-plant in the future, and we rejoice for our small part in this endeavor!

We continue to pray about a church property, a pastor, and a mature and committed church body. It looks as though a property could now be purchased for around $100,000. Our church has been able to save around $9,000, and we have almost $7000 in the land fund at BWM, meaning that we currently have roughly $16000 to put towards the purchase of a property or construction of a building.
We also need to purchase a newer truck. Although ours is only 13 years old, it is quite worn. We have been given $5000 towards a truck, and with our vehicle fund and the sale of the old truck we should be close to purchasing a newer model.

If you would like to help with the need for a church property, please contact our mission at 256-353-2221, or email: office@baptistworldmission.org